Celebrating Something Special

While most people may see today only as day of exchanging gifts, spending time with family, or football, it is really about something infinitely greater. Today, we celebrate the birth of Jesus and the fact that he walked on this earth as the only perfect human being. He suffered and died on a cross to… Read more »

Encryption and You

In the past, i’ve wrote about internet anonymity, Facebook account hijacking, and i’ve briefly touched on password security (revision coming soon). Today we’re going to be talking about message encryption and why it is important to you. As you should already be aware, Facebook stores more information about you than you even know about yourself. They collect personal information… Read more »

Beuteiful Grade Policy

In an effort to express my dissatisfaction with grading policies and to provide a continuation to my Unjust Academia article, I have appended to it my policy on grades: I will not accept a poor or otherwise inaccurate/dissatisfactory grade. I will continue to express my displeasure with your department and unjust grading policy honestly/openly. I… Read more »

Unjust Academia

Here’s something to ponder: college. It is an artificial environment where we are expected to learn a given amount of information in a finite amount of time. We are graded solely on our ability to do this, and if the material doesn’t happen to “sink in” until after the semester is over then you can kiss that A+ good-bye…. Read more »

Anonymity and You

With the way things are in the world today (see: photo identification, online security doesn’t exist), it’s your best bet to re-evaluate how much of your personal information is accessible online. Let’s get something straight before we get into the nitty gritty: Personal information consists of any information that pertains to ‘YOU’. This could be your name,… Read more »

The Forbidden Fruit

Here is something to keep in mind: Don’t let yourself get too focused on what you can’t do or can’t have. Open your eyes and enjoy what is already available to you. This is about the story of the forbidden fruit- you can have from any other tree except this one. We often get absorbed… Read more »

Mother’s Day (Unconditional Love)

“Only when we give joyfully, without hesitation or thought of gain, can we truly know what love means.” Mother’s Day is a day of celebration and appreciation for all the things our mothers have done for us. As children, they fed us, cleaned up after us, and took care of all our essential needs. Definitely,… Read more »

The 6-Thousand Calorie Quest (Part 2)

Two days ago I posted my calorie consumption log on binge-day. Today, the results from the 13-hour feast are in! Before jumping ahead, let me re-affirm my purpose for the excessive food intake for one day. The goal of cheat day was to keep my metabolic rate high by consuming an excess of calories. Additionally,… Read more »

The 6-Thousand Calorie Quest (Part 1)

On Monday, I started to pursue a diet in low GI (glycemic index) foods. It has been proven that consuming low GI foods will provide your body with essential nutrition and assist in maintaining (or reaching) a low body-fat composition (Hellooo, Eight-pack!). In layman’s terms, low glycemic index foods are digested slower than high GI foods,… Read more »

What does Love mean?

“Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning.” Throughout my life, I have tried to discover the meaning of love. What does it mean to love somebody? I came to realize that the challenge isn’t always about learning the meaning. Instead, it’s about putting that meaning to action by expressing it…. Read more »