Personal History

Here are a few resources that I have been or currently am involved with.

Tutorial (2006-2009)

Role: Co-Owner
Tom Beute met Nick Ippolito on a web-forum which focused on collaborative coding projects and exploiting the AOL Instant Messenger protocol. One year later, the community disassembled (lack of funds), however Ippolito and Beute kept in touch.

Ippolito had the idea to create a community that would answer everyone’s question’s in one place. Ippolito, with assistance from Beute, formed the website Tutorial Ninjas which was a blog that answered questions for the technologically uninformed. Day after day, their mission was to “kill off repetitive questions.”

The website was officially launched to the public on November 14,2006. (ref)
On August 30th, 2007, Tutorial Ninjas was featured on an episode of the G4TV series ‘Attack of the Show’. (view video)

In July of 2009, Tutorial Ninjas disbanded due to the diminishing amount of free time Nick and Tom had to devote on article production. The web domain was later left to expire. Both, Nick and Tom, have moved onto new projects and continue to keep in touch.

To view an archived version of Tutorial Ninjas, visit (Early 2008-2009)

Hackvibe was created by Tom Beute as a resource center for all things hackable. It was started as an auxiliary project following Tutorial Ninjas and would further hone in on intense technological subjects.

After it’s early months, Hackvibe expanded and transformed into an everything/nothing type website, featuring: jokes, news, a web proxy, a large selection of entertainment (games, videos, etc), and extensive guides on basic application injection and modification. This new content resulted in an exponential increase in site traffic. was taken down in January 2009 and relaunched in February 2009 as ‘the scholar procrastination resource’. (2009-Present)

History: is the primary way of interaction for DJ Java to share his mixes and receive feedback from his listeners.

DJ Java, better known by his birth name Tom Beute, is a former basement DJ who started mixing European techno music back in 2006. Unable to invest in the standard equipment of turntables and a mixer, DJ Java has resorted to the Vestax VCI-100 SE midi controller and Traktor Pro (formerly Traktor DJ Studio 3). Being technologically savvy, Java is not the least bit inhibited by using technology to mix music. Java has been interested in all genres of music and believes: “If you don’t listen to all types of music, you are depriving yourself from many great sounds.” His specialty is mixing techno, trance, and hard-style music, but he also has significant experience with hip-hop, R&B, and rap music as well. (2010-Present)

Ever since Tutorial Ninjas, Tom aspired to have a place where he could express his thoughts and suggestions on life, and write about other topics he found interesting. As a result, he launched

Through his many years of web management, Tom has found much joy in writing and found Beuteiful as his niche to analyze human behavior and life’s many scenarios. From security tips to methods of life improvement, Beuteiful is the mind of Tom Beute.


  • Custom Xbox 360 Modification

Project name: Extreme Blue Xbox 360
Begin date: 6/27/2007
Work log:
Description: Tom modified an original Xbox 360 and cured it from (and further prevented) the famous ‘red ring of death‘. In order to make this modification successful, he studied thermodynamics to design the optimal air-flow circulation that would keep his Xbox at a cool temperature. (see work log for details)
Directory of photos: /image/360mod/