About Me

According to the title of this page, I’m supposed to tell you ‘something’ about me.

Now, I could start by saying my name is Tom and I express a strong interest in technology and mechanics while having a crazy (I’ll be the first to admit it’s not ‘normal’) love for Jesus. I could tell you how much I love to disassemble, analyze, and rebuild ‘things’. I might even tell you that I have a ton of hobbies, such as: programming, writing, reading, cooking and baking extravagant things, photography, filming, and video production! I might even like to treat myself well every now-and-then by enjoying a piece of gourmet cheesecake (mhmm my favorite!) or any other [insert something sweet and delicious here] treat. I could tell you all of what I just told you was hypothetical, but just to let you know… it’s about me– Tom Beute-iful.