Stealing A Facebook Account In Less Than 5 Minutes

Are you aware how easy it is for even the most novice computer user to steal access to your Facebook/ account- in less than 5 minutes? If you aren’t, I highly suggest you keep reading so you can learn how to protect yourself. Websites like Facebook (and the others listed above) require a username and… Read more »

In the Spotlight: Christmas

Christmas is hastily on its way and everything about the season is wonderful! The sounds of the season, the brisk cold air, happiness everywhere. Take a moment to think what (or who) the season is all about. God. Before you forget who this season is really about, stop worrying about all the chores you need to accomplish… Read more »


How likely are you to share your passwords openly with strangers you’ve never met? If you’re like me and care about your privacy in the least bit, you wouldn’t want to ever take the chance of letting your information get in the wrong hands. Facebook users should be made clearly aware of the Facebook privacy… Read more »